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Thread: H2O Wireless PAYG Questions

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    H2O Wireless PAYG Questions

    Hello all,

    I am leaning towards going with H2O's PAYG plan for my mother, who is a very infrequent mobile phone user. Here are a few questions that I have.

    I've read that H2O charges taxes and fees on top of the amount that you pay. For example, I'm going to go with the $10 PAYG plan for 90 days. Any idea what I can expect as far as additional taxes and/or fees are concerned?

    Also, I just ordered an AT&T Prepaid Moto E5 Cruise from Best Buy for $30. Would this work with H2O Wireless, even if it is not activated for AT&T Prepaid? Or should I buy an unlocked phone instead?

    Last but not least, Best Buy sells what seems to be two different H2O SIM cards, one yellow and the other white. Do I need to buy a particular SIM card, or would either of them work?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi, there. Paola here! ��

    I could calculate those taxes for you. Could you send us your Zip Code via Private Message?

    Regarding this device, the Motorola Moto E5 Cruise seems to be compatible with our network. As we work with AT&T's towers, you should not experience any problems with it.

    On the other hand, when it comes to SIM cards, we suggest the ones available at our official website: They are free, so you would only pay for the plan you choose, plus shipping and taxes (if they apply). ��

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    In Oklahoma the taxes is just over the $1 discount for signing up for autopay. So just over $10/3 months.
    iPhone X is my current primary phone. I have older model iPhones and Moto phones available on other lines. Currently prepaid, though would consider postpaid on right plan.

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