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Thread: Ported out to Verizon Prepaid

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    Ported out to Verizon Prepaid

    I added my dad’s PP number to my mom’s existing Verizon prepaid account. With the Family Plan and autopay discounts plus double data promotion, they get 1 GB on the first line and 6 GB on the second line for $60 plus tax. Not bad at all for Verizon service. I called PP customer service to get the account number and PIN. They let you choose your own PIN. the port happened in less than 5 minutes while we were at the Verizon store. PP has been great for flip phone PAYGO use, but for a smartphone their plans aren’t that competitive. I’m sure we could chisel down the cost a bit with Red Pocket or whatever, but not worth the brain damage given my elderly parents need to be able to walk into a store with any questions. My dad went from a flip phone to the iPhone 8.

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    You could have used PP PAYGO on a smartphone if data's not important. Or if wanting to stay with a flip the MyFlip is a great little budget.
    But sounds like your dad wants to step up to a smartphone so combined with your moms if she has a smartphone and needs data too, sounds good.

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