More GV Insanity

Some background: Service with cricket, primary number is gv. I don't even know the cricket # without looking it up. Recently changed devices to one supporting Volte (getting that set up on a byod was another headache, see cricket forum if interested). In the process I lost my disabled CCF on the cricket #. It was about 15 months ago that they disabled it. Changing imei's on the mdn someone re-enabled it.

Anyway, front line csr says its showing disabled on his screen but fact is it's not. In the phone app under forwarding it's showing the cricket vm # for all 3 ccf fields. While waiting for them to process the ticket it occurred to me - why not set the ccf # to my google voice #. Turns out doing so works mostly. The carrier number must also be enabled in gv as a forwarding number for this to work.

If the phone is in airplane mode, gv answers when the cricket or gv # is dialed. When phone is not in airplane mode, gv vm captures the call properly if either number (gv or carrier) is unanswered.

The only issue with this is the spam calls to the carrier # will go to gv vm instead of null. I suppose I can live with this if they can't get it turned off.

Now, why did I type all this up - Recall from earlier in this thread the experience with redpocket gsma. Situation there was a bit different. The GV number was only being used for voice mail, not forwarding. It's a bit of a burned gv number as it receives many spam calls, but still usable for the vm part. In order for that scenario to work, I had to either enable forwarding to the carrier #, or enable DND. First option is no good because of spam calls, so 2nd option did the trick.