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Thread: VZ Fios refusing to port phone number

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    VZ Fios refusing to port phone number

    We have 2 POTS lines that Verizon has been trying to dump from the copper wires onto Fios. I decided to go with Spectrum instead, because the Fios prices and fees are too high (not to mention they have been really thuggish for years trying to force us onto Fios). I put in a port out request on 11/2. But VZ has been blocking the port.

    In trying to force us onto Fios, they shut off all of our phone and internet service, even though we were paid up. They would only turn it back on if we made a date for a migration to Fios. I did that as a stop-gap, as we had 9 days without internet and phone, & VZ wouldn’t restore it even temporarily.

    Now, they are saying that they “can’t” port it while the Fios order exists----even though I’ve already switched to a different provider on 11/3. (Vz never did turn the internet back on as promised).

    I made a complaint to the FCC about it on 11/5, and the FCC contacted VZ the next day. However, VZ continues to say that I can’t port the # out while the Fios order exists. But they also say that if I cancel the Fios order, they will suspend the account and cancel the phone number!! That’s extortion! The FCC said that their role would be to “facilitate a conversation” between parties.

    Now what?? I also have a complaint out to the state AG’s, but they said it takes 4-6 weeks to address any complaint. I don’t want to lose the phone number that I’ve had for decades. Unreal. They really are thugs. (I would have gone with Fios if the prices, terms, and fees weren't so high).

    As a PS, the Spectrum technician said that he'd seen it happen a lot that VZ would force people onto Fios like this, even when the people would turn around the next day and go to Spectrum. But VZ would then try to get a $350 ETF fee! Yeesh.
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