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You can also place the Homebase in an optimal position where signal is the best in the house. For me this is at a particular window. Signal there is excellent. Three feet inside the house it drops to just ok. The difference for AT&T and Sprint is even more dramatic. At the window they work. Anywhere a few feet inside the house they are unusable.

If AT&T signal is better where you are, there is an AT&T version of the Homebase. Consumer Cellular sells the box and service for it. That one is not VoLTE. AT&T is expected to continue 3G voice for a couple of years.
Yea, I remember with the old CDMA Home Phone box, I had to put it up stairs. If I didn't, the signal would bounce all over the place. Plus it would interfere with the cordless phone base. Since switching to the ZTE LTE Home Phone box, I can put it anywhere and get a good signal and get no interference like before, but I left it up stairs since the old setup was OK too.