I got eSim as soon as it came out on Lucky Mobile.

Few days ago, I was having issues with Lucky Mobile data, and I decided to delete the eSim and wanted to simply re-add it to see if that would fix things (kinda like physical sim). Of course once I deleted it, when I tried to re-add it by scanning the barcode on Lucky Mobile website it wouldn’t let me.

I called Lucky Mobile, and spoke to 5 different reps, and they all said to go to a physical store, as they couldn’t re-issue an eSim over the phone. Keep in mind I originally activated over the phone without issues. I mentioned that, but they simply said that the store will need to re-issue a new QR code? I let it go, since I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere that day.

Following day I went to 3 different stores: The Source, Wireless Wave and a fun attempt at Bell.

The Source was most helpful, but the guy never even activated eSim during his tenure, and absolutely had no idea how to re-issue one. He called his manager, and the manager said that he was unsure either. Manager’s suggestions were to go to Bell or he could try and get me an eSim on Virgin. At least he tried to come up with some sort of a solution.

Wireless Wave didn't even know Lucky Mobile had eSim capability.

And at last Bell. At first I never told the Bell rep that it was a lucky mobile eSim just to see what his thoughts were. HE said that I might lose the number if he tries to re-issue an eSim??? I was like what? He said he will try after he finishes with the current customer, but that he can’t guarantee that I would keep the number. Of course as soon as I mentioned that it was Lucky Mobile, the conversation ended.

Has anyone ran into a brick wall such as above?