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Thread: SafeLink minutes?

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    SafeLink minutes?

    Hello Everyone I have an LG Rebel 4 LTE and am on a safelink government program, I am suppose to receive 1,000 minutes a month, and i was until i got this new Smartphone. Now it seems I only get a 100 minutes a month. Any one know why this is happening. I want to email Safelink but don't have an email address. When i call them I have trouble understanding the tech support person, due mostly to my age i suppose. Any advise would be appreciated/ Thank You Very Much.

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    If you don't understand tech support person, I recommend to use their chat:!/contactUs
    In the right corner in the bottom of the page you will see "Need help? Click to chat now". It looks like a big red button. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve your issue.
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    Yes, chat customer support is preferred on all the Tracfone Wireless companies because of the off-shore language problem. They also seem to be a bit better than the phone reps. If you don't like how the conversation is going, just close the session and go back after a while to get a different CSR. On Tracfone itself there is an "Executive Resolution" group, but not sure if Safelink has the same.

    The primary HoFo forum for this is:

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