When I want to send a file from my desk top to my cell phone, I follow this procedure:

1. Right click the file and chose Send File.
2. Select the option to send via Bluetooth.
3. A window opens showing me the connected devices. I select my cell phone.
4. On my cell phone a window opens telling me my desk top to trying to send a file via Bluetooth.
5. I can then select to Accept or Decline the transfer.
6. I accept, and the file is sent to my phone.

All of that works fine. Here's my problem.....

On my cell phone, if I try to send a file to my desk top, I get a message telling me "file send failed".

The only way I can send a file from my cell phone to my desk top is to first open Bluetooth on my desk top and select Receive File. Then a window opens showing my desk top is waiting for the file. This happens even if the cell phone and desk top are right next to each other.

Why do I have to first tell my desk top it is going to receive a file before it will even give me the option to accept or decline it?

I'm running Windows 7, Home Premium 64 bit Operating System. My desk top settings are set to allow other Bluetooth devices to discover it. And it shows up on my cell phone as a connected device....