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Thread: Can I use a Total Wireless 4G phone on another carrier like PagePlus Cellular?

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    Can I use a Total Wireless 4G phone on another carrier like PagePlus Cellular?

    Good morning!

    Total Wireless, a Verizon reseller, claims to lock their phones to their carrier only.

    I have read that Verizon doesn't lock their 4G phones, and Page Plus is part of Tracfone as well as Total Wireless.

    So, can I use a Total Wireless 4G phone on another carrier like PagePlus Cellular, or is there really a software lock on the phone by Total Wireless?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Phones from TracFone companies are locked to only TracFone companies. That said, you can usually use them interchangeably among TracFone companies. Although sometimes you need customer service to "rebrand" them, it will probably not be needed for new Verizon-based phones.

    I have done the following to put Straight Talk phones on PagePlus, should be the same for you. : Make note of the IMEI number on the Total Wireless phone box. Also make note of the SIM ICCID number. I think the SIM will already be in the phone, but don't turn it on (do use that SIM because it is specifically matched to that phone's IMEI).

    Leaving the phone off, call PagePlus or activate it online, giving the IMEI number when asked. If you are asked for the ICCID number, give that too, but you may not have to. When PagePlus says it is activated, just turn it on and make a test call. It may take a minute or 2 for the SIM to update with your new phone number, after you turn it on.

    If you have any more questions, you might get more answers from the General Prepaid or TracFone forums.

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    In addition to the good information @mframe provided, are you familiar with Total Wireless' unlock requirements? I'm not but you may be able to get them to unlock your phone for use with any SIM. You might also get information on the PagePlus forum. I recently activated a Tracfone branded phone on PagePlus.
    Donald Newcomb

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