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Thread: What are the best VPN Android App?

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    What are the best VPN Android App?

    Hi, i need some of the Free VPN App. if you know please share it with me.

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    Opera has a (free) VPN built in, but that may not be what you are looking for.

    Free is a sketchy thing when it comes to privacy and phone apps in particular. Most apps monetize in one way or another, either by delivering targeted ads, or by selling potentially personal information gleaned from your phone and/or your use of their "free" product.

    If it helps, Google "thatoneprivacysite", it provides comparisons of some popular VPN services, just to give you an idea what to look for. I don't *think* they accept kickbacks from VPN providers, that site's reviews seem to be at least somewhat respected by privacy advocates, but we have no way to be sure they are unbiased, so bear that in mind.

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    Free VPN usually limit your browsing speed.
    I would recommend using proxy browsers, then come inbuilt with proxy servers, They world great, here are few VPN browsers

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