Are you looking for the best podcast app to listen to famous podcasts? Check our best Himalaya Podcast player by browsing over 24 million podcast episodes, radio and audio content across 30 categories.

The Himalaya Podcast is easy to start podcasting and you can listen to different podcast anytime.

The app contains multiple features and you don't need to move anywhere for podcast you can join unlimited featured podcasts at this app including Dr Phil Podcast, Joe Rogan Podcast, NPR Podcasts, 8tracks, Wondery, Lore, ASMR and many more comedy podcasts, educational podcasts, Political podcasts and many other famous podcasts.

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Himalaya is the best destination for all your favorite podcasts. Stay infomred with latest podcasts and stay entertained. Listen million of popular podcasts. The app is pretty easy to use, all you need just one tap to listen and let you create playslist and share your favorite podcasts with friends and family on socia networks like Facebook, Instagram, Email and more.

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The app contains the best Features including:

High quality audio without any banner ad.
Homepage with all the featured podcasts.
Custom Playlist cover image.
You can browse by categories and top podcasts.
Search episodes and shows in Chinese, Japanese and English.
Import your favorite podcast in one place.

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