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Thread: Replacing a phone

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    Replacing a phone

    So simple question here. My brother has two original SERO premium lines (that had been upgraded from the oldest version of SERO). He has two iPhone SE's from about 3 years ago.

    Now before people get snarky and say 'one cannot get subsidy' for these plans now, we did 3 years ago, even when folks in the forums said it was impossible to do so. We could get the 64Gb iPhone SE for free, and they offered us the 128Gb phone for $49 ea (which is what they have now).

    So the questions:
    - Is there any benefit from calling a SERO specific number (the way we've always upgraded in the past)?
    - Can a SERO premium plan holder go to a Sprint store and upgrade their phone and keep their plan as-is?

    My brother and his wife both pay $50/mo for their phone so say about $55/mo ea with taxes, but these old SERO plans definitely do include unlimited data. And until the last phone replacement, definitely did include subsidized price for new phones.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm less concerned about them losing the subsidy on phones, which maybe really is gone now. I would be concerned if their plan has to change to get a new phone. I also have no idea how the SERO pricing mentioned in this note compares with modern pricing.


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    Don't know if you have taken care of this, but I tried to buy a phone online for my Sero Premium account and I was told NO. No more changing phones. Not a phone from them, not from eBay, nobody. Your phone is your phone for ever now UNLESS you change your plan.
    Then I was told I could migrate my Sero account to a SWAC plus account (Sprint Wireless Advantage Club plus). $30 a month with autopay, $35 without. Unlimited talk text & data.
    Free Hulu with commercials and free Tidal Premium. Plus 50GB hotspot(!).
    So, better than Sero.
    If you haven't called to migrate you need to have a Sero account to do so. There are other ways for non-sero account people to get it, but that's not for this forum.
    Hope this helps.

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    If you switch to SWAC Plus, the $15-$20 in savings can cover a $15-$20 lease payment keeping your bill the same...
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