My Tracfone LG Fiesta 2 LTE won't power off normally, all I can do is let the battery run down. Battery is not removable, so removing battery fix is not applicable with this phone. I can get it to restart, but it gets stuck in a continuous boot loop. Holding power button and volume down simultaneously only puts it back in a boot loop:
1st screen is LG logo, 2nd screen Tracfone logo (color slightly fades in and out which it never did before), 3rd screen says "Android is starting" with Android icon and progress gauge that starts out at 80% and takes about 8-9 minutes to get to 100%. Then it goes back to 1st screen and the same thing loops. While this keeps repeating, the phone feels warm, which it never did before.
I can't get to "Home", or "Settings", or Safe Mode or anywhere, so therefore can't do a factory reset or erase cache, or do anything. I have tried many suggested fixes online. I tried plugging USB cable into laptop hoping to at least be able to transfer pictures, music, etc, but phone is not recognized. The phone has not been rooted or messed with. Issue started suddenly. Out of warranty. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.