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Thread: off billing question

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    off billing question

    I've had Tmobile for a few years now. I believe in 2017, I purchased an iPhone 8 as part of a T-Mobile promotion whereby I got a credit of $300.00. I never understood how Tmobile handles the monthly credits but I was getting the monthly credit for the iPhone 8. About 6 months ago, I had paid off the installment plan on the iphone 8. Last year, I also got an iPhone XR and I'm getting a credit on the bill for that one. My bill has pretty much been the same for the last year since I got the XR. Today, I got a notice that my new bill was ready and it was about $7.00 more than last month. I hadn't changed anything. I logged into my account and it says it went up $5.85 because of an expiration of the 2017 $300 off iPhone launch offer. What is this? I don't have time yet to reach out to customer service but if I paid off the iPhone 8 which I believe this is what they are referring to, why did my bill go up?? Or, did I not understand the promotion at the time? That I was just getting a a credit for 24 months against my bill for purchasing an iPhone but that my bill would go up after 24 months regardless of paying off the phone?

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    Yes, they often do discounts with monthly credits. That's incentive for the customer to keep service in order to get the full credit. If they leave early, the credits end.

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