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Thread: Boost Retention Offers

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    Boost Retention Offers

    I have had a 5 line family plan on Boost for several years. I have read posts, both here and other forums, where Boost customers received an offer when they called to get an account number to port out.

    I just got off the phone with Boost customer service. They transfered me to retentions but offered me nothing to stay, just my account numbers. I never asked for anything from Boost before. I was hoping they would match MetroPCS' free Samsung A20 for port ins since we need new phones.

    Any advice on how to get a retention offer would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    The only reason people ask for their account number is to switch, so they know that you're looking to do that when you call in. If you get an offer, and what kind of offer that you get, will largely depend on who you get on the line. If you call again before the end of the month, you may get an offer. But don't be surprised that the offer you get isn't great, or if it is that it won't last long. It may be hard for them to offer you something that's really good now since they will have to change everything once Dish takes over. If you have one else authorized on your account, you may want to have them call in and say that they want their account number because they hear that Metro and/or Cricket may have some good deals soon and see if they make an offer then.

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