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Howard Forum Members,

Are you locked out of your iPhone with the Activate iPhone screen? This usually occurs when you purchase a second hand iPhone and the previous owner never turned off “Find my iPhone”. This feature is used to prevent stolen iPhones from being used and provides the original owner a feature to track their device using the Find My iPhone feature on Apple’s website. Unfortunately this cannot be turned off without the original Apple email ID and password, the lock will still appear even after doing a factory reset. The Problem here is if someone gets hacked and loses their password and other info or if the original owner forgets to turn off find my iphone before selling it, the phone becomes useless unless they can bypass it.

Luckily for you, Cellunlocker's new Apple iCloud unlock service can help remove the iCloud account permanently so you can regain access to your iPhone. All iPhone models and carriers are supported but the iCloud status MUST be in clean standing, meaning the phone cannot have been reported lost/stolen to Apple servers from the original owner. does not accept any stolen devices. All reported lost or stolen devices will be rejected as well as LOST/STOLEN FMI statuses.

iCloud Unlock - Activation Lock Removal Service