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Thread: Boost won't activate my unlocked sim-free iPhone 11

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    Boost won't activate my unlocked sim-free iPhone 11

    I purchased a new unlocked sim-free iPhone 11 pro. This is a special version that is supposed to work on any network and is available only from Apple. It is the same price as the carrier specific phones so getting this was a no brainer. I have concerns with investing over $1K on a device that is locked to Boost with it's unknown future so I wanted the ability to take my phone and leave if The Dish Network starts crapping on it's customers or the service declined. The imeid was rejected online so I called customer service. I was given some line that they only accept earlier models of this version i.e. iPhone 7. I tried the imeid on Sprint and it was accepted. I ultimately ended up going with T-Mobile because I found an honest sales person which seems to be very hard to find. The store manager there told me that the unlocked model is the phone he would personally get and would be happy to activate it for me. I tried a couple more carriers and they all told me that I had to buy a phone from them in for it to work. I ran a speed test this morning and I was getting 68 Mb throughput which is significantly faster than my cable modem. When I ran this test with Boost, I would get about 10 Mb on a good day. I am saying goodbye to Boost with this being my final post. BTW, I forgot to disable AutoBoost on my account before I transferred my number. I am unable to log on to my account with Boost with my phone number and I really hope they do not continue to bill me. If so, you may hear from me again. Take care everyone!

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    With your number being transferred, they should have closed out your account. My guess is that you won't be billed again from them. From my past in working with Boost, it is either Sprint was blocking the phone from being added unless it went to postpaid, or something strange with Apple. I've seen too many times where Apple stores sell people phones, refuse to activate them and then people can't get their money back. If it was purchased online, returns are usually better. But I always tell my friends not to buy a phone from an Apple store and leave the building without it working. Either way, you'll at least know what your future is with T-Mobile, so you can have peace of mind.

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    Boost's BYOD policy is schizophrenic. The newst Iphone Boost lists on their BYOD list is an Iphone 7. They have an IMEI checker but I have no idea if it is reliable.

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    I think I know what is going on.

    You can buy a universal unlocked phone that can work on any of the 4 carriers, Verizon, at&t, t-mobile, sprint. However, just because the phone can technically work on all of the carriers that does not mean the carriers have to allow that phone on their network.

    So in the case of Boost your phone can work on their network but they choose to not allow your phone due to business reasons not technical reasons. In the case of boost they have a list of unlocked phones that they allow and you need to check that list to see if your phone is allowed.

    Also any carrier can do that so you should always check with the specific carrier. Also boost and sprint should be considered different carriers so for example, sprint might allow a phone that boost does not and visa versa.

    I have an universal unlocked moto e4 on boost and I checked before I bought it that it was on the list of allowed unlocked phones.

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