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Thread: Service issues

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    Service issues

    Is anyone experience with no data in highlands ranch, co It seems verizon works great around metro area, but I had run into issues with no data on verizon in highlands ranch, co I saw couple new towers build few portable towers not sure if those are att ot tmobile. Is anyone experiencing issues in highlands ranch, co ?

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    Is your phone on 3G or 4G w/ HD Voice? If not know, does 1x or 4G show on the top line of text of your phone display? And you can use this site to check specs for 95%+ of phone models out there, even discontinued phones. Or if you can let know your phone model, us HoFoers can help. If on 3G, Verizon is slowly decommissioning 3G service through the end of 2020, before it is totally turned off, so any 3G and 4G phones without HD Voice will need to be replaced . Over time until the older network is turned off, fewer radio channels will be available until it is totally turned off.

    Also using this tool you can check coverage in your area for both 3G and 4G, with 4G showing the triangle of at least average strength radio tower coverage down to the street level and is updated frequently. Note tool only reports for outdoors coverage.

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