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    Got iPhone 6s on Verizon/Sprint? Please try this...

    I have an iPhone 6s Model A1633, iOS 12.4.1, on Verizon. Due to poor LTE coverage in my neighborhood I have to use it in CDMA mode. I get 3 - 4 bars in CDMA mode.

    There's a problem in CDMA mode: The call setup time (delay between end of dialing and start of actual ringing (not ringback) on mobile) is 19 - 22 seconds. This kills me because my mobile is in a ring group with my home phone, whose voicemail answers at 28 seconds, leaving me as little as 6 seconds to answer my mobile before my home phone's voicemail grabs the call. I can't lengthen that 28 seconds.

    I opened a case with Apple support to no avail: they just point the finger at Verizon, despite my having told them that my Moto G6, same SIM, same location, has a CDMA call setup time of 11 - 13 seconds.

    If you have an iPhone 6s on Verizon or Sprint, and a location where you have (1) 3 - 4 bars in CDMA and (2) access to a landline to call your mobile, could you please turn off LTE and then make 4 calls to your mobile, measure the call setup time (with stopwatch or sweep second hand) and report back here? There's no need to answer the calls on your mobile; stop timing as soon as it starts to ring.


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    My co-workers used to complain about the slow call setup time on Sprint CDMA. So I think the issue you described is common.

    However, I would have thought the maximum wait was about 2-3 rings.

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    3 rings = 18 seconds. I'm seeing 19 - 22 seconds on the iPhone 6s, but only 11 - 13 seconds on the Moto G6. This is with the same Verizon SIM, same location, 4 test calls on each phone. I can't imagine how the extra 8.5 seconds average could be in the network -- it's got to be in the iPhone 6s.

    Actually, the Moto G6 setup time is less if you stop the measurement when the "incoming call" screen appears: only 7 - 10 seconds. The Moto G6 has that silly ramping ring volume: starts out silent and gets louder gradually. I couldn't see the screen when I got my original (11 - 13 seconds) results.

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