Currently, my wife, two sons and I have Total Wireless, which is a Verizon MVNO. We supplement coverage with an AT&T hotspot, which has unlimited data.

At some point in the future, we will switch to AT&T, either natively, through FirstNet or Cricket Wireless. When that happens, it is likely that I will still want to have something for the times we get somewhere that has no AT&T. Anyway, when I do that, what are some Verizon hotspots that I should consider and what are some data plans worth looking at? Obviously, the amount of data will drive the monthly price. By then, I should be able to determine how much I will want or need. If I buy a hotspot outright, what are the biggest differences between prepaid Verizon, postpaid Verizon and Verizon MVNO data plans? I suspect that coverage outside of the United States is one of the differences. It isn't likely I will need it outside of the United States, though.