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Thread: Jumping ship: From Tmobile $30 Walmart plan to At&t walmart plan

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    Jumping ship: From Tmobile $30 Walmart plan to At&t walmart plan

    I see a lot of people are moving from Tmobile $30 walmart plan to At&t $40 walmart plan for more data. I wonder if tmobile is taking notice and will offer something competitive. If not, I might switch it too, the 25GB does sound very enticing. How is the pre-paid At&t data speed service in Los Angeles county?

    Also have anyone noticed that calling mart is now charging $1 for purchase of Tmobile card? I wonder if they do the same for other carriers.

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    Binge on and Music Freedom fits my needs. I used 67GB last month on my Walmart plan, 50GB is typical. They used to throttle after 50GB but did not notice it last month. Plus once a year they have free annual MLB At Bat Premium for T-Mobile Tuesday, too. Though, it seems this year the MLB.TV is not data free but I'm not sure.
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