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Thread: The best and quickest way to park/save a cell phone number in 2019?

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    The best and quickest way to park/save a cell phone number in 2019?

    Hello Everyone!

    I am moving in a couple of days to the UK and I will be staying there for close to a year. I've done some searches but some of the information regarding saving/parking phone numbers seems to be a few years old. What is the best and quickest way to save my cell phone number now a days? Is Google Voice the way to go in terms of hassle free without having to worry in the long run? Last I saw, you pay 20 dollars and you just have to make sure you use the number via google voice once a year or something to ensure you don't lose the number permanently? Also I am Canadian and have an Ontario based number if that makes a difference!

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    Who is your provider? Talk to them about a seasonal hold.

    Google Voice is not available in Canada, so that's not an option.

    As an alternative, you can port your number to a VoIP provider like, but porting process can take up to a week.

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