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Thread: Verizon device under contract activated on Sprint

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    Verizon device under contract activated on Sprint

    Hola ladies and gentlemen! I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955U for a friend of mine on Letgo so he could use it on Page Plus which is a Verizon MVNO. I checked the IMEI on IMEIinfo and howardforums and they both showed that the IMEI was clean so I bought it. However when he went to activate it, it showed that it was under contract with Verizon still so I messaged the seller and the ******* blocked me. Since it's unlocked I checked to see if I could activate it under my Sprint account and it activated just fine. Should I be fine with this device on Sprint or can it be deactivated because of it's status on Verizon? Also, will it allow me to roam on Verizon if need be? Thanks!
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    Most older Verizon phones are unlocked so yes they can be used on other carriers. However, Verizon can blacklist, but from experience it is only blacklisted on Verizon and not other carriers unless its lost or stolen. You are good to go once it is on Sprint

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