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Thread: Samsung A70 or waiting for A50s?

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    Samsung A70 or waiting for A50s?

    Hi everyone
    I am going to change my mobile phone but so far I have not used Samsung phones. The mobile phones I had were usually from the brands of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Sony, and Huawei. The latest model I bought was the Huawei Mate 10 Lite. But now, after a lot of research on the latest phones on the market, I arrived at the Galaxy A70, and in addition to its sleek looks and features, it is better than other brands. And the most important feature is the 32-megapixel camera that encourages me to buy this product. But the new Note series camera is also very tempting, but it's expensive.
    I decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy a70, which I thought was going to be available on the a50s and a30s, so after reading the specifications of the a50s I was a little skeptical about buying the Galaxy a70 and I don't know which one to choose, Thanks for helping me choose one

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