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OpenMedia, a digital rights nonprofit that I used to volunteer for, is asking Canadians to submit their worst carrier nightmares via a new survey. Here's the pitch:

Canada’s exorbitant cell phone prices and lack of competition are severely hurting our wallets, holding back our economy, stifling innovation and widening the digital divide.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is currently reviewing our wireless market. We want to share your perspectives with the CRTC, to show them they can’t ignore the problem any longer. It’s time to allow more providers to enter the market to bolster choice and affordability.

Enough is enough—Big Telecom has been gouging people in Canada for far too long and change is long overdue. By providing robust data on people’s lived experiences we can convince the CRTC to set things straight!
Complete the survey and make your voice heard at the public hearing in Gatineau, Quebec next January.

Source: OpenMedia via iPhone in Canada