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Thread: Canadian Rates vs Oz and EU

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    Canadian Rates vs Oz and EU

    I know complaining here is kind of pointless but what better way than to let off some friendly steam.

    I will be asking the CRTC and if someone knows the Minister in charge of the office that governs mobile providers the same question, but I doubt that would do anything. AFAIK the CRTC and the government are NOT on the side of the consumer.

    I do not live on my phone, so I am Pay As You Go here as I am in Oz and Europe. Apples to apples comparison.

    First of all, I'd like the CRTC to tell me why I pay for an incoming call or text...from a wrong number or from a telemarketer. Like Red Rose Tea, only in Canada. Incoming calls and texts are free in Oz and Europe. What a concept!

    So with a new phone that I just got, I started to look at other Pay/Go plans.

    This is what Rogers Pay As You Go gets me for $30...
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    This is what Telstra in Oz gets me for $30 = CA$30...and included are "unlimited" international calls to Canada, USA and 18 other a whopping 10 GB data and 10 GB bonus.
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    As for Europe, I'm with ALDI Talk. Calls are dirt cheap and when I recharge my service at the airport before heading back, a €15 card (about CA$23) activates my service for a whopping 2 years. Plus no roaming fees as well...what a concept!
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    That's prepaid on Telstra? I'm assuming so since it says "Recharge before your expiry"

    Seems like we Canadian's are like the only ones who are being scammed by our wireless providers.

    The most we get on prepaid is with Public (Telus) and Lucky (Bell) 8 to 8.5 GB of data for $50 a month before taxes. I would include Robbers but chatr their unlimited is so good damn slow it's not really unlimited.

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