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Thread: Do more unlimited / Get more unlimited + Unlimited connected device plan?

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    Do more unlimited / Get more unlimited + Unlimited connected device plan?

    At it says
    50% off Tablet or Jetpack Unlimited Plan said:
    Add a tablet or Jetpack online or in the app - You'll have the option to choose the unlimited connected device plan at 50% off.
    What is this "unlimited connected device plan" or "jetpack unlimited plan" it mentions? I don't see it on the connected device plan page.

    Any info on what this plan is or how much it costs?

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    if i remember right they told me a tablet or a jetpack would be $10.00 a month and not $ 20.00

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    Jetpack 15GB then throttled to 600kbps for $20/mo or $10/mo if on get/do
    Tablet 15GB then then deprioritized, hotspot use is throttled to 600kbps after 15GB, $20/mo or $10/mo if on get/do

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