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Thread: T-Mobile mvno connection varies widely

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    T-Mobile mvno connection varies widely

    I am using the t-mobile connection thru Mint mvno and I have seen my connection on my HTC One M9 vary widely at my home from 4 bars down to no connection, mostly sits at one bar. T-Mobile tower is 6 miles from my house. Has anyone else seen similar issues?

    I am in just off I-57 in central Illinois.

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    If this is not your only experience at that location with either T-Mobile or one of its MVNOs, was signal strength ever better?

    I don't know the HTC's characteristics, but I'd want to know what T-Mobile bands it has available and what band was being used. If it was using Band 2 (1900 MHz) or Band 4 (2100/1700 MHz) I could see why signal wouldn't be good at a six mile distance. What you want to see is use of Band 12 (700 MHz) or Band 71 (600 MHz), as these travel farther from the cell site for a given transmitter power output and varying topography (hills, foliage, buildings, etc.).

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