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Thread: Paying Down Your Apple Card Requires iOS

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    Post Paying Down Your Apple Card Requires iOS

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    For anyone interested in the Apple Card, here's an FYI courtesy of BuzzFeed: Making payments on said card will require your iPhone, or at the very least some other iOS device. This will very much be an issue if you've got a payment due and your phone suddenly goes missing:

    According to Apple Support, your options are: 1. Use an iPad or other iOS device to access the Wallet app, or 2. Call Apple Support (not, presumably, with the phone you just lost) and a representative will connect you to an Apple Card specialist at Goldman Sachs, Apple’s bank partner. You’ll need your full name, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number, and the phone number associated with your account to make a payment over the phone.

    By comparison, Capital One, Citibank, and American Express Blue Cash cards have two online options—a mobile app or website—to pay your statement and monitor your account. With an Apple Card, you need an iPad as backup, or to get on the phone with a support rep ASAP.

    In other words, nearly every other modern credit card offers users a way to access their account with a browser on desktop, giving them the flexibility to pay bills from any device—and Apple Card, despite its titanium, numberless, futuristic veneer, does not.

    Source: BuzzFeed
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    My phone never suddenly went missing in 11 years, so I should be good

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    First, if you have a CC you should always set up autopayments of your minimum payment at the very least so you don't forget and go delinquent, so you'll live for a while. Second, I'm pretty sure you can call them and make a payment over the phone. Third, I'd be really surprised if there wasn't eventually a very basic website set up for accessing your account in the future.
    I'm not worried about it. Paying the card off through thew wallet is so much more convenient than logging into my baking or CC apps and setting up payments, I welcome the convenience. And I doubt I'll go more than 1 whole day without an iPhone if it gets stolen or broken (again.)
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