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Thread: Mobile hotspot and Sony phones

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    Mobile hotspot and Sony phones

    I just took the family to the More plan. My daughter's iPhone SE does hotspot just fine, of course, as it's supposed to.

    My wife's Moto G5 Plus does not do hotspot. The standard "your account is not set up for mobile hotspot" error pops up, even though it is set up. Unfortunate, but expected.

    My son has a Sony XPeria XZ2 Compact. Not only does it turn on and make available the mobile hotspot feature; he says it has ALWAYS worked, even when hotspot wasn't enabled on his account.

    Cricket says, based on what they know of the phone, that it won't work. Bully for them.

    Anyway, nice to know that Sony phones work well.

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    Shhh~~~!!! It's a Secret to Everybody.

    Keep it down...
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