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Thread: Need Advice: Please Help

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    Need Advice: Please Help


    I have T-Mobile's 'LineLink" Service (voip) & because of an emergency situation that occurred recently, I realized that i need a traditional landline number for emergencies.

    I do not want to use my T-Mobile number with the new landline service so I would like to create a new number through a prepaid service.

    Any suggestions on which prepaid services to use will be most appreciated!

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    Perhaps you can explain better.

    You have LineLink, which is a "landline" through your home internet connection. Regarding emergency situations, I assume you mean calling 911, but the service requires an E911 address (which is your T-Mobile billing address) setup exactly for the situation of knowing where you are if you call 911. So I don't understand wanting a "traditional" landline.

    Regardless, to get a truly traditional landline (meaning an actual copper line, if even available), your options are limited to whatever your local phone service provider offers, aren't going to be prepaid, and the provider would give you a number for the line.

    And your asking this in a forum for prepaid mobile phone service... not landline service. If what you're truly looking for is a recommendation for prepaid mobile phone service, you should at least specify what you need in terms of minutes, data, etc.

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