Rooting Android has become one of the most popular Android-related technical tasks which allow all the Android lovers to make their loving Android smartphones even more loving. Although Android is really flexible and amazingly customizable officially, Android smartphone users are not eligible to enjoy those features as the device manufacturer has expropriated the possession. The purpose of the expropriation is protecting the device and users' data. But it has limited most of the Android capabilities which can make Android users' experiences more interesting than sticking to manufacturer preferences. That is why users perform Android rooting to get all the available Android features without any limitations

How To Root Android

The answer to the above question depends on your device and if you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can refer to In case, you are another device user, you need to refer a specific rooting guide for your device which may usually available in XDA developers. Actually, Here we are going to get to know about Root Access Management Tools that play a special role on your device after rooting it

What Is Root Acess Management Tool and What Is The Purpose

Technically, All the Android rooting solutions execute the Su binary file in the System partion of your Android device to transfer the current device' manufacturer's ownership to the Android user. The responsibility of the Su binary file is to check the Superuser.apk to before granting the root access for the app when the app requires root access. Root Acess Management Tool works as the face of the Su binary and prompts the user when an app asks for root access. Most of the time, each rooting tool uses its own access root management tool and some of them use the popular SuperSu app. Not only prompt but also managent tools include unrooting facility, Language facility, and some specific features. A root Android device essentially needs a management tool as it is more vulnerable after rooting as any app can access the system partion without the notion of the user.

Magisk And Magisk Manager

Currently, Magisk is the most popular and advanced rooting solution which provide more features than rooting an Android device. Magisk Manager works as the Root Acess Management Tool for Magisk root and it enhances the performance of Magisk rooted device providing amazing features such as Superuser, Magisk Modules, Magisk Hide and allowing users to download Magisk modules other than the default modules. Actually, Magisk is useless without Magisk Manager. So, make sure to check the availability of Root Acess Management Tool when you choosing a rooting solution for your device