Hey all, just wanted to share a fix for something. I can't be sure someone else has posted this but I couldn't find it on a short search.
I bought a Note 9 carrier locked to AT&T from eBay (i wanted to be sure WiFi calling etc. worked because I already made the unlocked phone mistake with my daughter's Note 9).
After the many updates, visual voicemail wasn't working. Had to be on phone for an hour and after resetting things a few times, it worked. HOWEVER, it would not transcribe. It did not even offer the transcription option and there was nothing to download anywhere on the play store.

I found a source to side load here: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/att-se...ual-voicemail/
and downloaded latest. Seemed to kill voicemail, now it says can't set it up again. I called AT&T and the lady confirmed that the icon for my visual voicemail and the one icon from the dial keypad app off to the left are old ones. I re-sideloaded the latest version on there ( She reset something again, and made a call to me and left a message. Voila, it works and it transcribed the new message. Doesn't seem to do it for the existing ones but that's ok. I could never delete the bad old VVM app so I instead disabled it. The VM button on the keypad is kind of hardwired to run the old one for some reason and don't know how to change it. However, now it works - minor setback is i can't run it from the aforementioned dial pad. FYI.