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Thread: iOS iCloud unlock hardware JC Pro1000S advice

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    iOS iCloud unlock hardware JC Pro1000S advice

    So, I've long been wondering what kind of hardware is behind sites that offer IMEI unlocks or these newer MDM unlocks, etc.

    A friend told me that if the NAND is replaced in an iOS device that will effectively unlock it. He found this hardware, this JC Pro1000S. Can anyone tell me what this hardware does? Also if you know of any useful hardware and can post it as well as what it's used for that would be helpful too.

    Here's a link to this JC Pro1000S:

    Just wondering what the HowardForums lowdown is on this thing.

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    My iPhone kept iCloud locked for a month and I had not been able to unlock the account, I tried different methods and none turned out, I really recommended these pages where there are several methods, one of them worked for me but I don't remember what it is:"]iCloud unlock"]DoulCi Activator 2019"]iCloud Remove Tool"]Removal iCloud IMEI

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