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Thread: When does Cricket up the 3mbps Cap?

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    When does Cricket up the 3mbps Cap?

    Visible on Verizon now offering uncapped speeds, with unlimited (capped) hotspot. Boost and Metro offering uncapped speeds on Sprint/TMobile.

    5G is coming soon as well. When does Cricket up it’s game to better match the industry?

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    Put it this way, you have a choice for uncapped speeds by paying $5 extra for the unlimited extra plan.

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    Tough to say for a few reasons:
    - Visible is always deprioritized, so there's no cap, but also the chance that you'll have lousy data speeds. Other Verizon MVNOs seem to run into this, too. The speeds are either really good or really bad, as demonstrated by the complaints that aren't related to porting in/out/activating service.
    - About a month ago, AT&T has changed its Unlimited Choice 3Mbps postpaid plan to an always-deprioritized no-speed-cap plan, basically like Cricket Unlimited Extra. I think AT&T Prepaid had a 3Mbps plan that went this route, too.
    - AT&T Prepaid is also selling two tiers of unlimited plans - the cheaper one is always-deprioritized, the more expensive one is not, both have no caps.

    With all of those facts in mind, where does AT&T slot the cheaper Cricket plan? Unless Unlimited Extra got changed, the regular plan would have to be "worse" in some way, otherwise you're just duplicating the unlimited plans from AT&T prepaid at lower price points.

    Personally, I'd love to see the cap bumped up to 5Mbps or 8Mbps and keep the same priority/service otherwise and it wouldn't necessarily compete with the other plans out there. I've had numerous instances where I've had decent, usable service in populated areas with 3Mbps when friends on T-Mobile or Verizon (both postpaid, decent plans) are barely breaking the 1Mbps. I don't know how AT&T's deprioritized plans stack up in my area, but consistency is a bit more important for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by buglewe View Post
    Put it this way, you have a choice for uncapped speeds by paying $5 extra for the unlimited extra plan.
    I wish the Unlimited Extra plan played nice with 4/$100, as I'd pay $5 more to test the waters on my line, but upgrading just one is more expensive than switching all to 4/$150 on Unlimited Extra.

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