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Thread: How to change the number of rings for an AT&T flip phone?

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    Talking How to change the number of rings for an AT&T flip phone?

    I'm working with an elderly person who has trouble getting to the phone in the default number of rings.
    How can I set a longer ring time, for an AT&T wireless network flip phone? Is the voicemail time controlled by the phone or the network?

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    I would first suggest looking in the menu on the phone under settings calls voice call or it might be somewhere else. Some flips have menus ton conditional call forwarding which is how voice mail works.

    Otherwise I suggest short codes, hey have the optional seconds on the conditional call forwarding. Dial


    Where the nnns are the phone number for the voice mail and SS is the seconds you want before sending to VM, try for 60 would be my though and reduce if that's more than they allow.

    For ATT phones I think it might be the subscriber phone number (her number) is what you use to kick incoming to vm.

    I have a flip on H2O and I think that VM number is 4802251694.

    (The phone number for TMO VM is 8056377242 (805 MESSAGE) so that's what I use.)

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