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Thread: LG 501c (Tracfone) - recover pictures, chipset/hardware tech specs?

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    LG 501c (Tracfone) - recover pictures, chipset/hardware tech specs?

    My mom has an LG 501c, which is a made-for-Tracfone 2G CDMA device. My parents were told 2G is being decommissioned, and that she needed to update to a newer phone and service, which she did. The problem is, she has a bunch of pictures on that old phone that she wants to retrieve. It appears you can't transfer anything over USB (charge only) and can't transfer pics over Bluetooth. Apparently, the only way to transfer pics is to MMS them. But without service, MMS doesn't work; furthermore, they were told 2G is literally shut down, so they can't even get temporary service just to retrieve the pics.

    So a couple questions: (1) have we overlooked anything in terms of retrieving these pics?

    And (2) does anyone know where we might be able to get technical documentation on the chipset (i.e. hardware) used by this phone? My dad actually bought a second LG 501c from ebay, hoping he could send it to the Bitpim developers, but it appears that project is defunct. However, I have a lot of embedded programming experience, so if I could get a hardware reference document, I might be able to hack something together myself.

    I guess a related question, is anyone aware of any "backdoors" that this phone might have, i.e. the equivalent of rooting on this old hardware? Like a developer mode or maintenance mode?


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    I don't doubt you can't transfer over BT.

    But it is possible to transfer over BT. There is something wrong with the handshake.
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