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The London Free Press reports that Rogers is in talks with city hall to conduct what I believe would be the first public test of 5G wireless services in Canada. If approved, the two-year pilot project would see a total of 31 new cell sites installed on light posts and traffic signals across three locations:

The commercial plaza at Fanshawe Park and Hyde Park Roads;
Western University campus;
Downtown around Budweiser Gardens and Dundas Place.

The pilot project was up for a vote at the June 25th council meeting:

Bill No. 235: A by-law to approve the “Pilot Municipal Small Cell Licence Agreement” with Rogers Communications Canada Inc.; and to authorize the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute the Agreement. (2.6/14/CSC)
But I'm unable to confirm whether or not the bill was passed. Can any Londoners help me out on this?

Source: London Free Press via iPhone in Canada, Mobile Syrup