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Most Samsung Galaxy smartphone users use the Odin program to root their smartphones. Although Samsung Odin has been designed to flash bricked Samsung Galaxy smartphones, it is rather popular as the rooting solution for Galaxy devices. Perhaps you might have rooted your Galaxy device already now. If you are successful at rooting no need to read. But if you failed at Odin rooting, you had better reading this.

Root With Odin

If you are a fresher who is looking forward to rooting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone visit to have a basic knowledge. But, do not panic to root your device until you get complete knowledge about rooting and its effects. Because Android rooting may be dangerous unless you do not know what you are doing and what happened to your device after rooting. As far as I know, most of the advanced Android users are very familiar with Samsung Odin and they do not have issues with Odin. However, here are some of Odin issue which may occur when using the program

Odin cannot recognize your device

As you know, Odin is a Windows-based program and your device needs to be connected to the computer to receive the data that send from the computer via Odin. Generally, ID: COM area of the Odin interface becomes a light blue and Log box show "Added" when you connect your device to the computer. You will not get these two responses if Odin cannot identify your device and you cannot proceed. Here are some solutions to solve the problem.

  • Install USB drivers properly and reboot your computer
  • Check if the USB connection is working
  • Use a different USB port

Odin Failures

If you get the "Fail" message when everything is OK, Try one of the following solutions

  • Check if you are using the recommended version of Odin for your Android system
  • Double-click on Odin and select "Run As Administrator" and run the program
  • Disable Samsung Kies and Anti-virus software

'There is no Pit Partition' Problem

Most probably incompatible USB/micro USB port or USB cable may be the reason for this error. Check your USB/micro USB port and USB cable before taking any action. If you cannot avoid the problem, you have to flash the PIT file for your device along with the original Stock firmware. Flashing PIT file is a dangerous task and incorrect PIT file may brick your device forever. Therefore, you are advised not to do this if you are not aware of what you are doing