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Thread: Tracfone/Verizon/iPhone/Google Voice problem.

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    Tracfone/Verizon/iPhone/Google Voice problem.

    My goal is to stop using Google Voice (GV) for my voice mail and go back to my carrier's voice mail, but I have a somewhat complicated setup and can't work through it.

    I'm on Tracfone with service through Verizon using an iPhone SE and I've been using GV for voice mail with this number for years. Recently it started to chop off most of my voice mails at exactly 5 seconds. The call just gets disconnected 5 seconds into the message, and that's all I'm left with. I figured this was a good time to leave GV behind.

    Initially I just removed my linked mobile number from my GV. It took some time, but eventually GV stopped answering when I didn't. Then I decided to configure my carrier's voice mail. Tracfone's website has a voice mail setup page ( which took me to these instructions:

    Basically you call *86 to do things. But when I call *86, GV still answers. I get my GV greeting and it's just all GV. I waited a week to see if it would ever revert back to Verizon on its own, but it never did. I finally just hooked my number back up to GV so I'd at least have some kind of voice mail.

    So right, any ideas how to move away from GV with my setup?

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    You need to reset the VM provider number on the phone and carrier.

    Normally you would have setup conditional call forwarding to forward unanswered calls to your GV number. You need to undo that.

    Try dialing *73 to disable call forwarding.
    Not sure how to change the VM provider number on iOS.

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