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Thread: help get rid of this website

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    0 help get rid of this website

    I recently bought a new cell phone and this site keeps popping up on my browser, I've tried everything to stop it but nothing is quite working, I blocked it in Chrome, I downloaded, Siteblocker and added it but that only worked partially, because it still keeps opening chrome but then site blocker would then say, site blocked but the empty page stays open. Since I blocked it with Siteblocker it started a new site called,

    Thanks for any help.

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    If you don't get a simple solution, do a factory reset on the phone and I assure you it will be gone.

    BTW: what model/make of phone are you using ? Jail broken ?
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    I know I can do a factory reset but I don't want to do that, then have to reinstall all my apps and everything else. I think there has to be a way to stop this without factory resetting.

    It's an Umidigi One Pro

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