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Apologies if that title sounds clickbait-y; for context here's the full quote from CTV News:

China's Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye says national security concerns about Chinese tech giant Huawei are "unfounded" and "baseless," pushing for Canada to decide for itself whether to go ahead with including Huawei in its core advanced 5G network.

"Canada is independent country, and you have institutions very competent to evaluate this problem," Lu told CTV.

He added that several "important, major countries" in the world have taken the "right, correct position" on this problem.
Though the interview was conducted in English, there might still be a translation issue with the odd use of the word 'correct'. As for competent institutions able to evaluate potential security risks Mr. Lu definitely has a point. Even an advanced 5G network is still fundamentally just a bunch of connected computers; auditing such a system can and should be done regularly, regardless of who provides the equipment.

As of this writing Ottawa has yet to make a formal decision on Huawei and 5G, and there are still plenty of Huawei smartphone ads here in downtown Toronto.

Source: CTV News via Mobile Syrup
Image source: Globe and Mail (paywalled)