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Thread: Dual SIM Smartphones Suitable For AT&T And Verizon MVNOs

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShredFred View Post
    Or this one for $161.

    Someone on Amazon claims it can do Verizon.

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    It is very tempting. However, I have a Umidigi F1 Play. It works well with my PagePlus (Verizon) sim. It does not work well with my Truphone sim - I only get 3G voice and text only on T-mobile with the TruPhone sim; no AT&T service.
    I get only 3G voice and text with my Piranha mobile sim. I get LTE with my Freedompop sim.
    I use the phone as a secondary phone when traveling.
    The Power 3 seems to have a better camera than the F1 Play.

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    I think you are only going to get 3g on Truphone as I don't think they support 4g/Lte. I have a Truphone sim so I speak from experience!

    I am not so certain about Piranha.

    ATT and Tmobile work fine on Umidigi phones with 4g/Lte. I tested both(Freedompop ATT and T-mobile post paid).

    The important thing with all things 4g is making sure apn is set correctly.

    The battery is upgraded. It runs some derivative of Android 10. Camera is better spec wise. But don't let any of that tempt you to buy this phone!

    Sent from my S3_Pro Umidigi using HoFo mobile app

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