Super easy method for remove FRP Google account
from Sprint and Verizon S10 G973U S10+ G975U in just 5 min

Service link: Google account remove / FRP reset for any samsung device including new models like S10 S9 Note 8

Service description
This service is to remove the google account from your Samsung phone in case you forgot or lost your details,it will not unlock the network of your phone.

Process time of less than 5 minutes in our Online Program schedule

Supported models
Samsung Galaxy
S10 G973U and S10+ G975U locked to Verizon and Sprint
any Samsung model to any network

- a USB cable compatible with your device
- a computer with Windows
- Internet connection with atleast 2MB/s

Contact us
Being a direct unlock service please contact us at our live chat where we are available accordingly to our Online Program schedule or at our email address at
[email protected]