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Thread: Which iPad

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    Which iPad

    Looking at buying an iPad and know I don’t need real big specs. I’m not a gamer...don’t download movies or music. I play fantasy live banking....basic stuff like that.

    My question is which iPad do I really to do these smoothly? Would like an iPad mini but definitely nothing bigger than 9.7” screen.

    Thanks all. Happy mother’s day.


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    Well, if you really want nothing bigger than 9.7 inches, your two choices are the mini and the "iPad (2019)". The iPad Air runs bigger than that.

    From there, it depends on your budget, I think. The iPad (2019) will do everything you say you want and it seems to be available quite often at $249-269 from various retailers. The downsides are that if 32 GB of storage isn't enough the next jump is to 128 GB, and this iPad has "only" an A10 CPU in it. The mini has the current A12 CPU and starts at 64 GB, which really is enough storage if you're not keeping thousands of pictures; it's $399 list (if you don't need cellular access on it). Of course, the screen is about an inch and a half smaller, but only you can decide if that's a negative.

    Frankly, if the screamin' deals on the iPad (2019) didn't occur so frequently, IMHO going with the mini would be a no-brainer. That $70 difference buys a lot (CPU, storage, better Facetime camera). But I feel differently about it when the price difference is more like $130 (or about half again what the iPad (2019) costs). Is budget a consideration?

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    I think you have... 4 best choices.
    1.) iPad Air 2
    2.) iPad 4
    3.) iPad Mini 4
    4.) iPad (2019)

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    If you're not a gamer, don’t download movies or music. Then you can try iPad Mini 4

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