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    iPhone SE 2 coming?

    Seen speculation / rumors over last few days that a new version of the SE may be coming; likely next year. I prefer a smaller form factor, so caught my interest. Wondering if those who follow the industry more closely have any info. Thanks

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    I do not have much information but if that's right, then it's good news for people who were looking for a cheap iPhone.

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    I dont care what they charge for an updated Iphone SE. As long as it stays near the current size with update specs they have my money. Wife has an XR, gorgeous/ fast phone but i cant justify keeping that or even an Iphone 8 in my pocket. With my SE i can carry it around and forget its even there.

    Your move Apple.

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    The budget iPhone SE2 is at best a rumor at this stage and if it gets launched, it would probably get announced in the month of September during which Apple announces all their new iPhones every year.

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