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The New York Times brought a fresh perspective to the Huawei mess this past weekend, with a feature about how rural farmers—already in danger from escalating trade tensions—now stand to get even worse wireless service than they currently have. From the source:

Nowhere will the changes be felt more acutely than in rural America, where wireless service is spotty despite years-long government efforts to improve coverage. They also add to the economic uncertainty created by the White House’s trade war with China. Farmers are fearful of an extended hit to their exports.

Huawei is essential for many wireless carriers that serve sprawling, sparsely populated regions because its gear for transmitting cell signals often costs far less than other options.
The example cited in the Times story is Nemont Wireless, which relies on Huawei gear to bring 4G service to northeast Montana. Nemont is a part of the Rural Wireless Association, an organization which told the Times it would cost upwards of $1 billion USD for its 55 member carriers to divest themselves of equipment from Huawei and ZTE.

Source: The New York Times