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Thread: CF-Auto-Root With Odin

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    CF-Auto-Root With Odin

    Are you looking forward to rooting your Samsung Galaxy using Odin application? Then, would be a reliable place to download it. Actually, I am not going to tell you how to use Odin but give some tips to root your device using Odin. As you know, Odin is only compatible with .tar and .tar.MD5 file extensions. If you Google around you will see that it is difficult to find root packages in this file extensions. So, the best place to download Odin flashable root packages is CF-Auto-Root. You can find Odin flashable root packages and fastboot flashable root packages there. It provides root packages about hundred of devices up to Android Nougat.

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    is Kies is best then odin ??

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    Hofo is NOT a rooting forum & there's zero support for that here. By support I mean there's not dozens of qualified individuals who if asked nicely & they have the time will help.

    So please stop posting this here. This belongs places like XDA Developers, Android Forums, Android Central, etc.

    Posting this here is irresponsible.
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