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Yesterday Canada's Competition Bureau released its 51-page submission to the CRTC, in advance of the latter's 2020 review of mobile wireless services in this country. You can read the press release here and download a PDF of report here. Spoiler alert: there's nothing in either that we didn't already know, but we can at least take some comfort that a government body is backing up what we've already figured out.

The submission goes into some detail about the wildly varying cost of service in different provinces. From Page 10 of the report:

As of April 15, 2019, the average cost of a 10GB plan sold by the national wireless carriers' main brands in Saskatchewan was $66.67, while the average cost in New Brunswick was $108.33. However, according to 2018 network quality data collected by PCMag, network quality in Saskatchewan is better than network quality in New Brunswick.
Thumbs-up to The Bureau for recognizing 10GB as a decent monthly data bucket. Anyhoo, the obvious reason for this disparity in cost is the presence of a strong regional carrier, in this case the prairie operator SaskTel.

One way to kick-start competition is to allow mobile virtual network operators; in a separate filing TekSavvy has expressed their strong desire to be an MVNO. As for our incumbent carriers, Bell's solution for cheaper rates is longer service contracts—to further subsidize ultra-premium hardware, as was common practice before 2013's Wireless Code. In answer to that, iPhone in Canada has perhaps the best advice for wireless subscribers:

If you want to lower your cellphone bill, buy a phone outright and avoid contracts. Get onto a monthly bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plan and just keep jumping from carrier to carrier, as new promotional plans pop up throughout the year.
Preach, brother!

Source: Newswire via iPhone in Canada