All you have to do to have your phone unlocked in a few hours is to get the unlock service that costs just 5.99$ and requires only the phone imei from the next link:
ZTE IMEI unlock code all models supported including new USA models

Service description
This Cricket Zte Z965 unlocks service supports any ZTE phones locked to any network and provides the easiest unlock method possible. You only have to provide the IMEI code after buying the service and you will receive the unlock codes and instructions.

Please verify that your ZTE Blade X asks for an unlock code with a sim card from a different carrier before ordering the unlock.

Beside the unlock for Cricket ZTE Z965 this zte unlock service supports any other ZTE that asks for unlock code
from cricket and all other GSM networks like:
Cricket ZTE Altair 2
Cricket ZTE Blade X Max
Cricket ZTE Fanfare
Cricket ZTE Fanfare 2
Cricket ZTE Fanfare 3
Cricket ZTE Grand X
Cricket ZTE Grand X 3
Cricket ZTE Grand X 4
Cricket ZTE Grand X Max
Cricket ZTE Grand X Max 2
Cricket ZTE Grand X Max +
Cricket ZTE Overture
Cricket ZTE Overture 2
Cricket ZTE Overture 3
Cricket ZTE Prelude
Cricket ZTE Prelude 2
Cricket ZTE Prelude +
Cricket ZTE Sonata
Cricket ZTE Sonata 2
Cricket ZTE Sonata 3

and many more, feel free to ask!

Process time

- 1-24h (normally under 6 hours)

Contact us
For additional information feel free to contact us at [email protected] or at our live chat